At Orchard Dental, we see many patients who don’t like the shape of their teeth, and are always happy and able to help. If you dislike the shape of your teeth, read the information below to see how we can help you to be happy with your smile.

Our highly experienced dentists will provide you with the finest crown – fit for a king!

Having provided the Moreton community with exquisite dentistry for many years, the Orchard Dental team have a huge amount of experience with fitting crowns.

A crown is a synthetic ‘cap’ that is designed to cover a tooth that is no longer healthy. Crowns are often used in cases where patients have a broken or rotting tooth that can no longer withstand a filling.

You may also require a crown to be fitted as part of a root canal procedure. Once your tooth has been opened for the root canal, it must be closed off to avoid future infection of the tooth. The crown acts as a barrier between the sensitive tooth nerve, and the external environment, preventing further rotting. Crowns can also be used to support a bridge or dentures, to keep them securely in place in your mouth.

If you require a crown, the Orchard Dental team will discuss this with you and answer any questions you have along the way. During your consultation, we will also discuss your options regarding the material of your crown, including <>, or a combination of <> if you would prefer to have a more natural looking crown.

If you would like more information on crowns, including the procedure, or to book an appointment, don’t hesitate to call the Orchard Dental Team on 0151 677 3255.

Do you dream of a better smile? Veneers could be the solution to your problem…

There are lots of reasons that could lead to you being unhappy with your teeth. Whether you have gaps in your smile, misalignment, discolouring, or maybe a small chip, these factors can all affect your confidence. But this needn’t be the case for much longer, as veneers could be the answer to your problems!

Orchard Dental Practice are proud to offer you veneers to transform the appearance of your smile and boost your confidence. A veneer is made of an extremely thin yet durable piece of porcelain or composite material that is permanently fixed to the surface of your teeth. Designed to improve their appearance, your veneer can be made to change the size, shape, alignment and colour of your teeth, giving you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

The team at Orchard Dental Practice are extremely experienced in fitting veneers as part of a safe, easy procedure. For more information about our veneers treatments, or to book a consultation, don’t hesitate to call us on 0151 677 3255.