Here at Orchard Dental Practice we offer a full range of general dental treatments required to maintain your oral health to the highest standard. We offer these on a private and and NHS basis at times and prices to suit your needs.

Having provided the Moreton community with premium dentistry for over 20 years, the team at Orchard Dental Practice has immense experience with providing all types of patients with all kinds of treatments. Read below for more information on how the Orchard Dental team can help you.

General Dentistry at Orchard Dental starts with giving you the treatments you need to keep you happy and your mouth healthy. From children’s examinations to X-rays or fillings, the Orchard Dental team is experienced in providing patients with high quality dental treatments to suit all dental needs. Whether you’re a nervous patient, or haven’t visited the dentist for a long time, our dentistry experience means we have been treating patients like you in the Moreton area for over 20 years.

For more information, don’t hesitate to give the Orchard Dental team a call on 0151 677 3255, and let us explain how we can help you.


One of Claire’s front teeth never formed and left her with a wonky tooth and a gap. She didn’t want braces so for Claire we reduced the size of the gap by gluing white filling material to the sides of the teeth. There was no need to drill any teeth or use anaesthetic so her natural teeth remain unaffected and the whole procedure took just half an hour. Claire was very happy with the result.


Ann was unhappy with her denture and the appearance of her remaining teeth. The denture did not fit well and the teeth sloped. We placed veneers on her remaining teeth to level them and remade the denture with the teeth in the correct position.

“I have been visiting Orchard Dental Practice for approximately 20 years.  I have always felt that the staff are friendly, respectful and provide excellent service. James recently did some cosmetic work for me and it has changed my life.  I no longer hide in the corner and I now enjoy meeting new people.  I am not afraid to smile and anyone anymore.  It has given me so much more confidence in myself. I highly recommend this practice to anyone.”

If you’d like to change the appearance of your smile, the Orchard Dental team has the treatment for you. We have successfully treated hundreds of patients wanting to change their smile and have seen our patients’ self-confidence soar. With treatments such as whitening or Invisalign – an orthodontic treatment that is virtually invisible – we give you the options to ensure your smile will make you smile again.

For more information on how our cosmetic treatments can help you and your smile, give the friendly Orchard Dental team a call on 0151 677 3255.


Michael came to us and his first words were “I hate my smile”. He was too self-conscious to smile on photos but he didn’t want to look like the grumpy guy any more. Michael’s upper teeth were quite worn down and filled but his lower teeth were in good condition. We whitened his teeth to improve the appearance of the lowers and crowned his front upper teeth. He was very happy with the outcome.

“For many years I have been very self-conscious about the appearance of my teeth and had recently chippeda major front one. I had suffered from receding gums leaving my teeth very sensitive, so now they were far from white and visibly ‘broken’. In my late forties now I have never ever been comfortable with the prospect of a visit to the Dentist but in recent years I have relaxed enough under the care of the Orchard Practice, and most recently with James as my Dentist, to dare discussing restorative or cosmetic work.

At all times since I opened the debate with James the discussions were relaxed, extremely informative but also very open and transparent in terms of the physical work involved, the outline timings and costs associated. Once the work commenced James and his nurse, Laura, were great with me – I was treated to Private conditions and felt very confident as the extremely professional pair took me on a journey I never thought I would even contemplate. Six months on I can honestly say that the work done has had a complete mind-set changing effect on me. My confidence when meeting and speaking with people both socially and professionally has soared and I now feel I am an ‘equal’ in terms of appearance – it is only since the work that I have appreciated how low my self-esteem must have been”

“A genuinely life-uplifting and changing experience, thanks to James and Laura”


Linda had never liked the appearance of her big front teeth and wanted a more natural looking smile for her wedding day. As her front teeth were large and the neighbouring teeth small we were able to build up the smaller teeth and alter the larger teeth with veneers. “I unreservedly recommend James and his team. I had always been extremely anxious about attending dentists in the past, however since attending Orchard dental practice my fears have subsided and my confidence grown. I had always wanted to change the way my teeth looked, however the fear I had out-weighed the courage to do it. I wanted to be able to smile properly on my wedding day, instead of trying to hide my teeth. Thanks to James I could. I am so pleased with the natural look he achieved and the step by step support and kindness shown by all the team.”