Consuming sugary food and drink not only causes tooth decay but it can also lead to obesity, diabetes and heart problems in the long term. We all know about the sugar we add to our own food but what about hidden sugars in food and drink that we buy?

The NHS has just launched a new app to help you to find out how much sugar you are actually consuming. You can get it by clicking here

So how much is too much?
The recommended maximums are dependent on age:
4-6 years: 19g (5 cubes)
7-10 years: 24g (6 cubes)
11+ years: 30g (7 cubes)

This is for added sugar so you don’t need to worry about natural sugars in plain milk, plain natural yogurt, fruit and vegetables. Be careful with fruit juice though. Try not to have more than 150ml of fruit juice a day and keep it to mealtimes only to reduce the chance of tooth decay.