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The 2 Minute Brush

2 minutes can sometimes feel like a long time….. particularly when you’re brushing your teeth! Do you find yourself doing little more than a cursory brush twice a day or really struggle to get your kids to have a go at all? If so try the Brush DJ app. It plays music from your device […]

Look after your gums!

Have you seen the recent article in the guardian about links between gum disease and heart disease, diabetes and possibly even cancer? (Check it out here

So what is gum disease?

There are two parts to gum disease: the first part we call gingivitis or bleeding gums. This is caused by plaque bacterial build up leading […]

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Tooth decay in children “at crisis point”

You may have seen in the news recently that Professor Hunt, dean of the Royal College of Surgeons’ dental faculty, has commented on the number of children needing extractions:

“Almost 26,000 general anaesthetics are being given to five to nine-year-old children every year to have teeth out now.” In some cases this is leading to long […]

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Friends and Family Survey

The results from our first three months of the NHS friends and family survey are in. The question asked is how likely are you to recommend Orchard Dental practice to friends and family? In the three months that this has been running all responses have been either very likely or likely.

Here are a few of […]

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